Elimination of Losses

We perform activities of losses elimination on various types of components of industrial plants, through the assembly of specially made steel manifactures.

Each article comes from a careful planning starting with the choice of the highest quality materials.

 el_per_1  el_per_2

Figure A – Sample manufactured

Figure B – Sample manufactured

All products are made in specific steel capable of easily resist the pressure, the temperature and the type of fluid present in the line or in the component on which it is installed.

The structural verification of the product, known the values of pressure and temperature to which the product will be subject, is performed by our engineers by the use of one of the most advanced calculation software for the structural analysis of finite elements whose validity has been repeatedly confirmed by numerous physical tests conducted by us.

This practice comes from the need to have a rapid design and, at the same time, precise and reliable in order to provide, in the short time of an emergency intervention, a product of high quality that will meet all the safety requirements.

The elimination loss activity is one of the most valuable tools to deal simultaneously with different needs that may arise during the operation of an industrial plant:

  • Reduction of stop plants due to breakdowns;
  • Economic losses for technical stop and loss of spilled product;
  • Reduction of pollutant emissions into the environment resulting in lower environmental impact;
  • Increased safety for the decreased risk of accidents directly linked to the losses.

All these aspects attribute to the activity of losses elimination an added value that is reflected directly on the image of the industrial companies with which we work.


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