Valves Revision

The activity has as its primary objective the regeneration of valves in general taking care of programmed or accidental maintenance in order to eliminate stops or malfunctions of any production plant. The PONTEROSSO SOUTH for years cares with professionalism the revisions of:

Security valves10-03
Spring or counterweight, with sealing bellow. The review is carried out by performing a lapping of the sealing components after a careful control of surfaces and plays. The calibration check and the execution of the legal checks are carried out using a test bench, hydraulic pumps and air compressors that develop pressures exceeding 600 bar with the presence (where necessary) of officials appointed by public entities contacted by us directly at the end of the maintenance. The all respecting the API 527 standards. In the event that it is not possible to remove the valve from the plant because of operational problems, we are able to carry out the revision in the field with specific tools ensure the testing with the plant marching by an oleodynamic equipment approved by ISPESL which evaluates the shutter release pressure by the application of a force.
Interception manual valves
Gate valves, buffer, check, ball taps, male taps. The revision is carried out after removing all the components, careful controls of the parts, lapping working of seals by portable equipment carried out both in the workshop and in plant taking care of the smallest details.
Control valves
Rotative, alternative, self regulating, pneumatic or electric power. After the valve identification, the same is dismantled and gritted, play and wear controls are carried out, replaced the unfit parts, assembled, adjusted and calibrated. All mantained valves are tested by certified and computerized equipment for the assessment of leak in line ensuring the values expressed in ANSI B 16-104 standards.


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