The purpose of the LDAR program is basically to reduce emissions into the atmosphere through monitoring techniques that emphasize effectiveness and streamlining of operations and resources according to methods and techniques pointing to the security of obtaining the result.

“Fugitive emissions” are defined  the emissions into the environment resulting from a gradual loss of the sealing of a part of the equipment designated to contain a fluid (gas or liquid), this is generally caused by a pressure difference and the resulting loss.

Examples of fugitive emissions include losses from a flange, a pump or a piece of the equipment and losses from the deposits of gaseous or liquid products.

In relation to this, the PONTEROSSO SUD has developed an internal work program to face the environmental issues introduced by the IPPC.

In particular, in relation to the monitoring and control plan that the operator must implement in order to obtain the AIA, under the monitoring and containment of fugitive emissions, PONTEROSSO SUD is able to offer the ‘implementation of a program LDAR (leak detection & repair – rilevamento e riparazione di perdite), to assist the chemical and petrochemical industries to solve the problems of emissions into the atmosphere which become more and more an environmental issue and sometimes of costs in term of lost product.

The monitoring program developed in accordance with the provisions of current legal requirements, the IPPC legislation and Bref industry, provides for the application of the LDAR process according to EPA Method 21.

The method involves:

  • Cataloging of the sources to be monitored
  • Monitoring of the sources according to EPA Method 21 technical

The monitoring is performed through detector PID / FID


  • Reporting of sources over the reference threshold so that they are the subject of repair
  • Processing of the data

All information collected in the field will be recorded and made available in digital format through the implementation of the same on appropriate management software application calibrated on the real needs of the customer.

Other technical offer is monitoring performed through the technique of “SMART LDAR” technically described as “Alternative Work Practice to Detect Leaks from Equipment (AWP)”.

This practice uses the “Optical Gas Imaging” technique (as specified in the Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 66 / Thursday, April 2006 / Proposed Rules.) to locate the sources that have a large emissivity allowing a rapid detection and repair.

This monitoring is conducted through the use of an infrared camera capable of visually detect the points with strong emissivity.

The inspection operations conducted with “SMART LDAR” technique through the special IR camera take up the area of interest from a distance of 5-10 meters making possible a fast identification on the inside of the emission sources without the use of scaffolding.

This technique does not allow the emission quantification and normally is combined with the EPA Method 21 technique.

The optic of the method is to quickly locate the most emissive sources, which have a significant weight in terms of overall emission, for which, their repair allows a certain emission reduction. In this perspective, the “SMART LDAR” is to all effects an improvement plan.

A study conducted by the American Petroleum Institute in seven refineries in California, for a period of five years, on the implementation of the LDAR program on fugitive emissions monitoring showed that 90% of fugitive emissions derived from 0.1% of all emission points monitored.

It is easy to see how the “SMART LDAR” may represent a quick solution in the reduction of more emission points.

The combination of the different techniques described above, according to the specific needs of the customer, combined with a detected data management software, suitable for the type of technique used, capable of ensuring a traceability in time of all the emission points monitored and the possibility to have this information available for each type of statistic or control, allows the PONTEROSSO SOUTH offer a complete and flexible to every need of the customer service.


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